Composite Cork Decking for Boats

Composite Cork DIY Decking System


Composite cork decks are a more environmentally sustainable and cost effective decking system for boats. Composite cork is durable and aesthetically pleasing. The system is very similiar to our PVC synthetic teak system selling in rolls of twinplank, edging and kingplank. However, unlike PVC decking which is principally designed to be built in panels the composite cork system is designed to be principally constructed aboard the boat. The sections should be adhered directly to the boat with appropriate 5mm caulking gap. Our sections are similiar to to our PVC synthetic teak sections.

1) Kingplank is a versatile section 4 metres long and 150 mm wide that can be used for curves, kingplank or even routered to produce a twin plank section. Roll is 0.6 sq m area

2) Twinplank is 105mm wide with a routered groove down the centreline for caulking and can be used to make small panels quickly. Sold on a roll with 9×2.2 metre long strips contained providing a 2sq m coverage

3) Edging. 50mm wide on a roll containing 5 x 4 metre long strips providing 1 sq m coverage. The edging can be used in conjunction with twinplank to make margined panels or panels in its own right or swept decks. 

4)  Sheet which is dispatched on a roll. The width is 1m and length 3 metres so each sheet is has 3sq metres. The sheet may be plain or grooved ready for caulking (45mm between caulking grooves)

Once fitted it can be sealed with a primer coat for added protection and durability.


Channels are masked up with masking tape and caulking of the desired colour is spread into the grooves to give the caulking line effect

The grooves can be filled with different caulking colours to produce different effects. This is twin plank spaced 5mm apart and caulked. the same effect can equally be produced with single planks. Kingplank can be cut to shape to form more elaborate patterns

building a deck in situ

Composite cork is principally designed to be installed strip by strip rather than panels.

Steel boat with composite cork deck

DIY deck on a large steel boat. The insulating properties of cork make it ideal for this type of boat.

Composite cork deck on a catamarain

Professionaally fitted 

Com[posite cork swept deck

Professionally fitted composite cork decking 

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