Synthetic teak floor


Synthetic teak flooring is an artificial flooring material designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teak wood. It is available in rolls, similar to how carpet is sold, and is laid out and cut to fit the desired shape. This design approach means it generally cannot include margin frames in the traditional manner, which are usually created using separate strip planks or boards.

However, there is an exception with a specific type of synthetic teak flooring, known as synthetic teak carpet. This product utilizes advanced printing technology to replicate the appearance of margin frames directly onto the carpet. This allows for the visual effect of margins without needing to physically construct them from separate pieces. An example of this is shown below.

PVC Teak Flooring

We are able to use our 200 series extrusions in the various colour options traditional, weathered and aged to weld together and make a roll of PVC synthetic teak floor. This can be cut to shape as required but will not contain margins so it is much easier to make compared to our normal deck kits.This is a much less time consuming solution and therefore is a less costly to the consumer.

Synthetic teak flooring panel cut to shape

Teak Carpet

Deckfab designs on a Composite Carpet. Synthetic teak designs on a composite carpet are ideal for canopy covered cockpits. This carpet is unique in its construction with short nylon fibres embedded in a latex base. This provides the benefits of an easy cleaning vinyl along with the warmth underfoot of a pile carpet. This technical fabric has been tested to the highest marine standards with many testaments of durability and longevity. The fibres are heated to allow absorbtion of the teak design so popular on boats and UV resitant. The Deckfab trademark colours are shown below and available in black or white caulking. Deckfab composite teak carpet can be supplied with peel and stick backing for easy installation.

Teak Carpet

Traditional colour with black caulking

Weathered colour with black caulking

Aged colour with black caulking

Teak Carpet
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