Motor Boat Decking Kits

Deckfab Products

Deck refurbishing can be undertaken using a variety of materials and it is a matter of deciding which is the best choice for your boat and practical needs. Complex and large sized panels can be fabricated to fit to almost any sized boat.  PVC is the general purpose product but foam is also popular in warmer climates because it is softer and cooler to walk on.  We can produce decks from all these materials from a template. In the case of foam or rubber panels we can convert the template to an electronic machine file for production on a CNC machine.

PVC Synthetic Teak System

PVC Synthetic Teak surface texture resembles wood with a very realistic natural grain, making it almost indistinguishable from natural teak. We manufacture strips of varied and popular colour PVC extrusions in 20 metre length rolls which are used to fabricate synthetic teak deck products mainly for the marine leisure market.  PVC is widely used in many countries because of its durability, easy maintenance and its remarkable resemblence to natural wood. However it is labour intensive to fabricate and like teak can get hot to walk on in hotter climates. The most popular colour for motorboats is traditional but in warmer climates it is preferable to choose a lighter colour like weathered as it will reflect more heat.

Cruiser boats synthetic teak decking panels

Foam Synthetic Teak System

Foam synthetic teak is less durable than other systems but popular in warmer climates because it is cool and soft to walk on. It is esxpecially popular on sportsboats and ski boats. Our foam deck panel products are cut out from a 2.4 x 1.2 metre semi rigid foam sheet. There are a wide variety of foam products in terms of quality and costs so it is prudent to check carefully before purchase. Many can disintegrate quickly. As a general rule the more easily the product rolls the more likely it is to be inferior quality. We offer teak and grey colours more in keepiong with natural teak but ski boats sometimes choose less common colours with less impact on resale values.

Synthetic teak foam deck

Rubber Synthetic Teak System

Rubber nitrile composite is a roll panel product used to provide a practical, durable and cost effective deck solution.  It is an ideal  product for larger wood and steel boats where it can be laid easily over large areas and grooves cut and filled to create a deck patterns. It is soft to walk on and yet very durable and cool in warmer climates. Nitrile rubber does grey in UV sunlight so it can be protected with a coating used seasonally to maintain its colour. Some prefer to allow it to weather like natural teak. It is also possible to CNC cut small panels. There is only one colour option but the annual treatments can offer different shades.

Steel boat with composite cork deck

Teak Carpet and Vinyl Panels

Manufactured and designed in Britain using Deckfab patent technology. The deck design is printed onto a fabric and cut out to replicate the appearance of a traditional teak deck. It can be printed onto either a composite material or more traditional tuft carpet. It is soft to walk on like a carpet. Manufactured from a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely packed short fibre surface of nylon strands which are anchored firmly into the base layer. A technically advanced printing process allows beautiful marine designs to be created on the surface.  It is a very capable indoor/outdoor product for cockpits. 

Teak carpet panels